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Web development in Ely near Cambridge

Our Approach

Based in Ely, in Cambridgeshire, we are a local web development company set up to provide affordable web solutions to individuals and small to medium sized businesses.

Our goal is to supply simple but effective solutions to help our clients use the internet to their best advantage. We believe that advertising your products and services online does not need to be complicated or expensive. We can help you choose the right option to suit your needs and budget.

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We believe strongly in communicating directly and honestly with our customers. When you need our advise we will explain exactly what you need to know in a simple and straightforward manner. Whenever possible we will avoid using jargon or making things unnecessarily complicated. If you need something we cannot provide then we will do our best to put you in contact with someone that can.

Giles Vernon

Owner of RedAct Solutions

My career in IT started in 1995 with a company specialising in Sage accounts software.

After that I spent over a decade in the Office Products industry supporting and developing order processing software, ecommerce systems and websites. Over that period I also worked extensively on user interface design, travelling around the UK training and getting feedback from customers of our software and web-based products and learning the importance of product useability.

In 2008 I decided to focus on web development and founded RedAct Solutions, with the goal of building functional websites that are well structured and easy to use.

Think Inside the Box?

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘think outside the box’. This means to forget how things are done now, or have been done previously, and come up with unique or new solutions. In many situations this can work well and improve things. But what if the existing solutions already work well? And what if you already have some important constraints?

To ‘think inside the box’ is to recognise those constraints. It’s to understand what already works well and only seek to innovate if doing so will definately be an improvement. In the world of web design and development technology changes at lightning speed. We are all encouraged to embrace the latest trends. But often the latest and greatest is not necessarily better.

At RedAct Solutions we keep up with the latest technologies and web standards, but at the same time we focus on providing solutions that have proven themselves to work and that our clients (and their customers) are happy with.

Get in touch!

If you are interested in our services, or you have some questions, please get in touch. We do not charge for an initial review of your requirements or a quotation.


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Rest assured that your data is safe with us. We will not pass your details to any third party. For further information see our Privacy Policy.

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